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July 12th, 2014 // 1 note

anarchic-buzz said: What is the Duff's quote which shock you much ? (Sorry for the fucking bad english)

Hmmmm……..I guess it’s not so much a quote as a section of his book. It was when he spoke about being in hospital after his pancreas burst, and his mother had come to visit him.

"I’ll never forget when my mom came to the hospital to see me. She was in a wheelchair, from Parkinson’s disease. There I was, her youngest son, with a morphine drip in my left arm and a Librium drip in the other arm for the shakes from alcohol withdrawal.

I saw myself in the hospital bed with tubes in my body and her in the wheelchair.

The order isn’t right here – I should be taking care of her. It’s not right.

You’re a fuckup.

You’re a fuckup.”

June 3rd, 2014 • 0 notes
Garden Of Eden turned 1 today!
Baby…………… <3
Duff and DJ Ashba.
Duff McKagan in Argentina. Photo courtesy of Diego Gustavo Villareal.